Just another amazing day…

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I’m on day 11 of this crazy 12 day 4 city tour, and I’ve seen a lot of amazing things. From the west coast to the east coast people are very much the same. Does a hot dog taste as good in Phoenix as it does in Chicago? No. Is the BBQ really better in the south? Yes. Have the Green Bay Packers become America’s team? Yes. Why? It’s the cheese.

I love flying, but the streak of bad things happening continues. I missed my flight so I had to fly standby. So after they completely loaded the plane they called my name and said, “you may board.” what they didn’t tell me was that the person who had my seat on the previous flight had gotten sick and thrown up. I tried to have a good attitude and ignored the smell. But it was a little much when I went to adjust my seatbelt mid-flight and found a chunk on the belt.

Yesterday I flew next to a couple with a “lap child.” Lap child is airline speak for “baby that’s gonna puke.” sure enough when the daddy propped up his adorable baby to burp him, a chunk shot out on to my arm. I asked the dad, “May I use your ‘blankie’?” he said, “Oh, sorry. Ha, ha, ha.” I would have punched him in the face, but there was a nun sitting behind us.

Tomorrow I leave the east coast and hopefully the plane that I leave on won’t be as confusing as the one that brought me here. It says clearly in the instructions that you may not block the aisle. It was impossible to follow that rule because my seat was in the middle of the aisle. Never seen a middle seat on a plane before. Maybe a rental van, but not an airplane. But come to think of it, this plane seemed to hit so many bumps in the air it felt like a rental van.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write about the ice on the runway in Dallas. ;(